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We Are a Full Service, Professional Digital Marketing and Web Design Agency.

You shouldn’t have to work with different companies just to get the services, experience, and results you want. Instead, Haus of Technology can create a custom and comprehensive plan for your business’ unique needs. Maybe you need it all, or maybe you only need a little help – whether you want paid media, content marketing, and social media management, or branding, logo, and web design – whatever your goals, we can help you reach them.

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Working with Haus of Technology Is Easy, Efficient, and Exciting – And It All Starts with Our Proven Three Step Process:

Evaluate Your Brand

Step One

First, we get together with you and discuss your brand. In order to create a successful marketing campaign, website, or content, we need to get to know each other. This way you can have the utmost confidence in us and the rest of your project.

Step Two

Identify Your Needs

After our initial meeting, we will deep dive into your website, copy, or marketing to figure out what is going on and where things can improve. This lets us come up with the best solutions possible for your brand and your business.

Step Three

Customize Your Solution

After identifying your needs and checking in with you, we’ll start work on the solution. This could be new branding, a modern website, or upgraded SEO. Whatever it is, we are dedicated to implementing it so you see results.

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Web Design
Development for Texas Brands

We partner with mature brands to elevate their digital experiences and funded start ups to kick start their ideas. Our industry specific expertise lies in the outdoor adventure, lifestyle, technology, and food and beverage industries, but we love to take a crack at it all. Here at Haus of Technology we use the best website hosting platforms for the quality experience you deserve. Using such programs ensure great coding, quick load time, and the latest technology when it comes to widgets and website designs. 

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Three Step Process

Maximize Your Digital Presence



Web Design

Brand Identity

Media Production 

Online Marketing

Web Design Service in Houston, Texas blended with style and our unique expertise,  we provide your business with the platform it needs to grow and succeed.

Content marketing is vital to any business trying to gain exposure. Our photography and videography experts will ensure that your content is on point.

Our internet marketing and content experts work diligently to maximize your online presence. We labor to promote you to the widest possible relevant audience.

A positive brand identity is crucial in such a crowded marketplace. Developing a strong brand can project an image that will help you sell your product or service.

Our Clients

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Our Clients
Work With Us!
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